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Cocktail enthusiast, avid foodie, teacher, storyteller.

The cabin bartender is a renaissance man of the very best kind: lover of all things soul-filling, decadent, artful, and celebratory. After twenty years in the fire service, Mark chose to dive head-first into his biggest passion. An artist with a Boston Shaker in hand, Mark creates stunningly refreshing concoctions with fine spirits, fresh ingredients, and a passion for a proper lubrication of life.

The Cabin Bartender’s mission is to share the history and techniques behind classic cocktails and spirits while increasing the accessibility of creating memorable drinking experiences at home. With quality ingredients and proper methodology, any person can create consistent, gratifying cocktails with simple resources and no formal training. Our mission is to serve as an educational, cocktail catering, consulting, and editorial resource. Elevating the bartending industry, and demystifying the art of drink.

Let the Cabin Bartender share the secrets of our expertly created cocktails, enhance your events, or design cleverly intoxicating menus created bespoke for you.